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Owner's Stories  See our FACEBOOK page for more.  Facebook Page

We love hearing from all the owners of our AKK  puppies.  They are so important to us.  The smiles on their faces speak a thousand words.

Below are just a few of their pictures and stories with their precious little Alaskan Klee Kai.  They are wonderful testimonies to this amazing breed.

More will be posted in the near future.



Hi Alicia,
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. I have attached our Christmas photos of Kissy and Madelaine. She is 2 years old now and has matured into a very good-natured dog, but is still just as playful as a puppy! My husband has become quite attached to her, and takes her to the boat where she makes a lot of friends at the harbor. ... Your November litter was so darling! Let me know please whether you need me to complete another application, or just a money order. We would hope for another toy girl puppy by the time summer vacation begins in mid-May.  

...We look forward to catching up with you and hearing what is new there in Reno.
Happy New Year,

Zokai now lives with his
                  human parents near Fairbanks

Hi Alicia and James,

Zokai continues to be a great dog.  He's doing great!  He rides to the dog park in my bike basket and has been playing with lots of big Huskies.  Everybody loves him and I need to get a speech down about Alaskan Klee Kais so I can answer everybodys que stions.  He saw his first snow the other day and loved it as well. 

(Several weeks later): The snow is here so I thought I'd send you a few photos of Zokai enjoying it.  He saw his first groups of caribou yesterday when we were driving to Fairbanks from Central.  We are heading down to Seattle next week to visit my family. They are eager to meet Zokai. I hope you are all doing well!

Sally N.: Fairbanks, Alaska



I am just writing to let you know that Dash is doing great!  He has developed into an extremely beautiful dog.  His personality is very bubbly and he gets along great with our Shih Tzu and 18 month old daughter.

Here is another pic for your website if you would like to show off the little guy.

Thank you for such a wonderful dog!


Todd - Vernon Hills, Illinois


Kylie running in the snowHi,  Kylie is doing fine and is now almost 9 months old!  Jim has started referring to her as the "Pretty Girl" and Bryan and Kylie are very bonded.  We took her to a beginning training class and that helped her get over some of her shyness and that quality of being "difficult to catch" when you need to. She has a reverse gear that is quite fast and effective!  She enjoys food and is always interested in getting a treat, so it makes her easier to train and lure back to you.

Our vet practice was good about distributing the vaccination shots for Kylie with only a tiny bit of perceivable snarkiness when we once checked on the appointments and schedule of shots, saying in response to a question "that's what you said your breeder wanted".

We love her. She is so soft and her tail did turn out to be luxurious, and her markings are so perfect and distinct.  She may end up being on the big side of a mini, or maybe even a standard size.  She looks to be almost 15" now.

We had a couple of scares when she slipped her collar once and Bryan dropped her leash once while on walks.  She was hard to recall both times, maybe because she picked up on the intensity of our concern or maybe thought it was a game.  We need to keep up her training to make sure she keeps us as priority no 1 in those situations.

Thanks for your newsletter. Attaching a couple of pictures. All the best to you and your family and here's to the health of all your dogs and pups.

Glenys S.  Gorham, Maine




I bought a puppy from you guys almost 3 years ago!  Her name was Gemini girl.  I named her Maia.  Just wanted to send you a pic. She's become a pretty darn good, loving dog.  Very lady like!  Always crosses her paws like that!  :).

I'm so glad I got her. She's changed my life!  :)


Hourig K.


Hey Alicia,

Check out the picture of KiRiMa , that my friend from England took a couple of days ago..

She is a beauty and she has the brains to match...good catch (0:

Traci G. - Las Vegas, NV


(Trixie lives in Hawaii and enjoys walks in the hills and forests)

Trixie lives in Hawaii and
                  enjoys walks in the hills and forests

Hi from Hawaii Alicia,

Hope all is well with you and your family.  Just wanted to let you know that Trixie is officially a Hawaiian AKK.  I bought her home to the islands on Tuesday.  She is doing well.  My son and his girlfriend are sad and will miss her but they'll be fine.  Trixie is a little skiddish with strangers and certain noises, but she is so lovable.  Thankyou you for our bundle of joy!!!  We take her when ever we can on car rides.

I'm sending you some pictures of her.  Hopefully you'll get to see her when you come to Hawaii.

I'll stay in touch!

Take care and Aloha,


Wahiawa, Hawaii



Buying some tear-stain remover tomorrow.  She follows us every step we take.  Last night, she fell asleep on our grandson's tummy while they were watching TV.

More Soon,

Larry - Cypress, TX.





HunterGood afternoon James & Alicia

Sorry it took me so long to give you an update on RoMoKK’s Teddy’s Christmas Wish (Hunter), Hunter is doing fine He loves going to the dog park and playing with all the dogs of all sizes.  Hunter is the talk of the town here sense he's the only Klee Kia around :).   Hunter Just Granduated from Puppy class last weekend and did very will. thanks again for a great dog.

PS i was wondering when your going to have pups again need to get a friend for Hunter :)

Michael N.



Here we are fast approaching Nitika's 6 month birthday! It is so hard to believe it has been that long already and impossible to think of a time when he was not in our lives! We are so in love with our little boy!

He has been attending puppy classes and not surprisingly getting ALL gold stars! He is social and playful and amazingly beautiful beyond belief.

Nitika, whose name means 'friend to everyone' truly lives up to his name!  Thanks so much for everything...our little Nitika is an absolute delight!

Kathy - California



Hi Alicia,

I just wanted to check in and let you know Lexi is doing great. 5years old already in December, time sure flies. Hope all is well with you. I attached her Halloween pictures for you

Lisa C.


Hi Alicia,

X'aan is doing well!  He is very loveable and loves to give kisses.  When he gets excited his ears shoot straight back, it is too funny!  I have attached an updated picture of him with his Wubba. :-)
Talk to you soon,


Hi Alicia, KodaIts been about 5 months since you came by the house to deliver our new klee kai that we named Koda.  She is doing very well here and she is very full of life.  Koda and Angle have been getting along together... most of the time anyways.  Here are some photos of Koda and Angle.
Thanks again, Steven (Reno, NV)


Tilly"This was Tilly this summer on the boat, she was busy all day then got real tired. she really seemed to enjoy it."

Terri M.



AKK DeniseHi Alicia,

You are more than welcome to use the picture I sent and I will attach some more of the family with the puppy. We are having such a good time with her. She is constant live entertainment!! She is getting so spoiled....sitting in our laps and sleeping in our bed!!! I don't know how you do it?......being able to match a puppy with a family. I am so impressed with how fast she took to all of us. She cried for her liter mates for the first couple of days and that was it. You were so right about her and how she is strong minded. She is smart and loves to talk. All the neighbors get such a kick out of hearing her talk. She is full of personality and is already giving our oldest dog a run for her money to be the Alpha dominant dog in the house. She is coming along so well with her training and next month we will attend some puppy training classes. We are so happy with her and she seems pretty happy with us too. I have been giving out your website to those who ask where she came from and to those who want information about her breed. I look forward to seeing Hope's liter mates on your website of new puppy owners. I sure do love this little dog......oh yeah, we call her Skye. The first photo is our son Chase with Skye on the ride home from the airport. In the second photo is our daughter Amanda, me, Skye, and our son Chase. The final photo is Amanda, Skye, Steve and Chase. Please feel free to use them on your website. Thanks again Alicia for all that you do.



Hi Alicia,

I just wanted to send you a quick pic and update of our lil' girl. She is just soo beautiful. We love her so much I can't begin to tell you. She is has already gained a few pounds....Her vet visits have been good as well.

She is quite the terror though, puppies are certainly a lot of work and boy do they find their way into all sorts of things. But, she loves to play, loves to run in the yard, and expiecially loves to cuddle. My fiance and I can't get enough of her. She just looks at you with those big brown eyes and we melt. She does the cutest things with those big ears of hers too. I love when we come back from being out and she puts them down and loves us up, it's just the cutest. She never stops talking and always has a lot to say. They are such a different breed, so unique, so beautiful and, so vocal. When we take her anywhere or people come to visit they just can't get over her.....she is quite the show stopper.

But I just wanted to fill you in. We are going to have some professional pics taken of her soon. I will send you an email when we have them.

Thanks Again for our Angel.
Michelle and Brian


LokiHi Alicia,

Just thought I share some pictures of Sofie.  She is a hiking machine...





Hi Alicia,Loki

I left you a voicemail but I wanted to send a follow-up email. The puppy made it here fine this morning. He was full of energy and played for hours after I brought him home, then took a nice long nap on my lap. He's been eating and drinking plenty and seems to be really healthy and happy.

I'm calling him Loki. I created a section of my photo website for him and have two galleries so far.

I'm sure I'll be taking a lot of pictures and posting them up there. So far he seems to be adjusting really well. He's super sweet and energetic. I've attached a photo. I'm so happy to have him as part of my family!  Thanks!




I just wanted to let you know that my puppy, Barnie is doing absolutely great! He's the greatest! He is a very happy, loving dog. He loves thing and everyone. I been gone on my 2 week annual training for the national guard and this is the longest I been away from him but I don't think he missed me though.

I plan on getting him neutered sometime within the next couple of weeks. As for the health exam- is it a form that my vet should have or is it a specific form that I need to get from you?

Attached are a couple of pictures taken a couple of months ago. One is Barnie and my fiance's dog, Wrigley saying hi to our barn cat, Screwball. And the other one is a little older- but Barnie was warn out from being very naughty. (he's a chewer) And he's sleeping on the couch.

Hope every thing is going well.



Hi Alicia!

I will tell you that I've been spreading you and your website around to EVERYONE that meets him because they're all curious to know what type of dog he is and where I got him from! I never imagined how much attention he would get!! The employees at PetSmart all know him because he definitely draws in a crowd when we go and visit! His adorable blue eyes and coat attract EVERYONE- not joking at all!! A lot of people have never heard of AKK's so they're all really interested when I tell them about the breed. My cousins are even considering contacting you for one of their own! He's definitely an attention getter- but who can help it- his face just makes you want to melt everytime you look at him!!! I love him!

My parents are definitely in love with Calypso! He's just such joy to be around. We took  him to the vet yesterday and he's a healthy 2.7lbs! Still so tiny! Do you know about how much he'll weigh when he's an adult? Everyone keeps asking. I'm guessing he'll be around 12-15 inches tall- for a miniature size right? He had a great time on Christmas- having probably the most presents out of all of us! He opened up gifts and received toys and puppy treats so he was really happy!

The crate training is going pretty well also- he's actually sleeping in it right now. We leave the door open with his blanket inside so he curls up in there every now and then to just sleep and play with his toys :)

I have to go clean up all the toys as we're expecting company later today- but I will definitely keep you updated on Calypso! Again- thanks for everything!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!



Hi Alicia,

Here are recent pictures of Barnie.  He is sure a handful and very smart.  He is funny and very friendly.  Right now it's very cold outside.  We are having a little blizzard outside and it is in single digits and -20 in the evenings and he isn't liking it too much.  As cold as it is, its been hard potty training him.  The only problem I'm having is that he's not letting us know he needs to go, but he's still a little guy so hopefully it will come in time.  Other than that, he's good at going outside when I take him out.

The pictures I have sent is one in the house and one of him wanting to play out in the snow, before it got REAL cold...  oh and right now the snow is as tall as he is!

I'll be sure to send some more later.

Thanks again,




I have attached some photo's of Licker and some Emma and Cocoa.  I hope you get them okay.  This is the first time I have actually tried to send pictures on my computer.  I'm used to sending them over my phone.  Licker has now surpassed my pups by height quite a bit.  It is amazing how she has grown since we got her.  She has had several "lessons" from the other pups, but each is learning to get along better as each day goes by.  Licker is actually defending us when we are in the floor playing against Emma and Cocoa.  She is VERY protective.

Will keep you posted as we continue visiting the vet and on growth and developments.  We certainly are enjoying her and getting lots of comments on her through the public!!

In the COLD state of Missouri,



Hi Alicia,

Just emailing to let you know how great things are going with Frisco! He has already learnt the command sit which we worked on for days;) Here are some pictures that I thought you would think were cute. Thanks again for our wonderful addition.No one wants to give him back to me after they see him!




See attached...I'll send you more pic's after a few weeks that will be awesome...but just want you to know that he's doing great. Great Job! We love him...we call him "LUCKY"!

Feel free to call at any time!



Hi Jim and Alicia,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Lucky(Opinrar-spring season). I also want to let you know how docile, and loving he is…He’s a quick learner very curious, and is already a part of the family. Everywhere my wife Radha goes he wants to go…if she’s in the kitchen, he’ll sleep between her feet. If she’s in the bathroom, he’ll sit on the floor waiting for her to come out of the shower. If she’s on the couch, he’ll sit by her side. He’s attached to her, and the whole family. We take him everywhere from my office(where he’ll sleep on my lap, while I’m working), then no matter where we go someone will stop by and ask what kind of dog he his, or praise on how beautiful he is. We’re so happy with the puppy, and the whole process…Thanks for everything! I’ll be in touch in the near future on updates, and feel free to call us anytime!

Best regards,

Amish, Radha, and Lucky!


Hi Alicia,

Hope had a Vet visit yesterday and she received a clean bill of health. My Vet is very interested in learning about her breed because this is the first Klee Kai he has ever seen. Hope has captured the hearts of everyone she has met. It doesn't seem to matter where I take her, people stop to talk to me about her. She loves the attention! The children in my daughter's 4th grade class have adopted her as their mascot and are doing a project to learn about her breed. She visits with them every morning. She has such a great personality and has taken quickly to our family and her new home. She is working on winning over the other two dogs as well. I am impressed with how smart she is. She catches on quickly and is doing so well with the potty and crate training. She is so full of energy, likes to talk and loves people. She is just one happy puppy! In the picture you can see that she likes to chew on the big dog's tail. Shelby (the big dog) doesn't seem to mind. Once again Alicia, I can only say "THANK YOU" for the joy this puppy has brought to our home and our community.

Have a great day,



I just wanted to let you know that everyone is settling in well. We couldn't be happier. And, Tunerk is the best puppy I've ever seen.

Thank you so much,

-- Jeanette



Hi Alicia,

Just a little update since I have you. I brought her to the vet Monday for her shots and he said she is happy and healthy!!! About 2 days ago I taught her to sit (SO cute). We're working on paw next.

Just thought you would like to know.

Talk to you soon,

Lisa C.


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